Mikron Theatre presents All Hands On Deck – August 31st at 6pm

Tickets are £13 & Conc are £11 – To book a ticket click here

A love story between the Royal Navy and their loyal ‘Jenny Wrens’

New WRNS recruits Ginger and Lily, are looking for wartime adventure. Lily wants to serve on dry land but Ginger is desperate to serve at sea – and the sailors can’t believe their luck!
Our Wrens show pays tribute to all those wartime women who pushed the door to opportunity firmly open.
Full of dots, dashes, semaphore and song, Ginger and Lily find themselves in uncharted waters on a journey they’ll never forget.

The Show will be performed in our iconic map room, the place where the WRNS actually worked during WW2 and where we have lots of stories from WRNS about their time working and living in the bunker.