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Don’t just learn about history – experience history with us and step back in time.

Western Approaches welcomes school groups and strongly believes in the importance of educating students about this site and the Second World War. 

An Interactive guided tour of the bunker


Covering the origins of WW2, Liverpool’s role in the war, the operation of the bunker and the stories of the people who worked here.


For 30 children this is £225 Inc. VAT (£7.5 Inc. VAT per child), £187.5 ex VAT (£6.25 per child).

Additional children up to 35 are the per child price.

Adults go free.


This takes approximately an hour per group .


We cannot take groups larger than 35 around at a time, if the groups are larger than 35 they will need to be split into two and staggered, either by the school doing another activity (self-organised in the area or by doing a workshop).

An Interactive guided tour of the bunker Plus Workshop


Rationing – exploring what rationing meant and why it was implemented with group-based activities and games 

Coding and Ciphers – Looking at the role of codes and intelligence in WW2 and today with group-based activities and interactive code breaking. 

Impact of WW2 on Liverpool – Exploring the impact of War on the civilian population, why Liverpool was targeted and how we commemorate the war. 


For 30 Children this is £325 inc VAT (£10.8 inc VAT per child), £270.8 ex VAT (£9.02 per child) adults go free – additional children up to 35 are the per child price. 


The workshop and Tour will take approx. 2.5 hrs.


As above no group can be larger than 35 to do tour or workshop. If it is a group of 60 – half will do workshop whilst other half do tour.

Education Room and Street Scene can be used as a lunchroom .

Schools will need to pay by Invoice.

If you wish to enquire or book a school visit, please phone 0151 227 2008 or email

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