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We offer a choice of guided tours which have been created by our curator to include real stories from people who worked in the bunker. The tours offer a further insight into the life led as well as the important work done – but some of the most fascinating detail comes from the personal stories which reveal what life was truly like living and working in secret under the streets of Liverpool.

Tours work well for groups of 20 per guide, but we can be flexible and two guides can be arranged for larger groups and the talk can be carefully staggered. 

To book a tour for your group please get in touch.

The Western Approaches Tour

This is the main tour and talk about the bunker, its place in the war, who worked in the bunker, what they did, what the rooms were used for, the importance of the work done and details about some of the key personnel.

Tour duration approx. 1 hour 30 mins, £20 per group, up to 20 people

The Women of Western Approaches Tour

80% of the people who worked in the bunker were women between the ages of 17-22, specially selected from all over the UK due to their intelligence. This tour reveals photographs and stories of some of these ladies which we have been given either by the ladies themselves or their relatives This is a wonderful and often emotive and funny tour.

Tour duration approx. 1 hour 30 mins, £20 per group, up to 20 people.


This tour includes a peek at some of the rooms which are not open to the public, such as the sleeping quarters, it also includes your choice of guided tour, hot drinks and cake for £20 per person for up to x30 people.

The tour will last approx. 2 hours.

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