Item donation request

We had a lovely meeting from an ex-plotter who worked in Western Approaches during the war.We really enjoy meeting people who have had a connection with the HQ and we are keeping and cataloguing all their stories and any items they give us in our archives. The plotter’s name was Marjorie Jackson and she also […]

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Big Heritage is a not-for-profit organisation which manages the day-to-day running of Western Approaches.

Its mission is to ensure the museum space is not only developed but also protected as a visitor attraction, available for schools and to teach the general public about the building’s history and importance.

As part of its work it is also committed to uncovering personal stories from people who worked in the bunker or whose family members once worked there. As a result, we would welcome new stories and ask people to get in touch if they have anything to share. Please email

There is a locked archive room within the museum, where anything Big Heritage is given including letters, paperwork, objects and photographs are stored. The curator then studies the items and stories and uses them to respectfully create new exhibits and tours.

There is also a plan to open the archives and put on talks. The aim is to give further recognition to the work done in the bunker and the people who contributed.

Big Heritage receives no funding and every penny earned through museum entry or private hire goes back into keeping the museum opening, as well as running and developing it as an attraction.

Amazing Air Raid Warden Archive

Western Approaches have been kindly donated two huge volumes of articles regarding the Civil Defence Service during the blitz of May 1941.